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Toronto Eye Surgery Centre
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Intraocular Lens

The Intraocular lens is a small plastic insert that go inside the eye to restore the sharp focus that existed before the cataract clouded the vision. The lenses used to form a sharp focus for either close up viewing or distance viewing, but not both. This meant that glasses were needed for most activities. But things have now changed. Thanks to revolutionary technology, implants of today offer amazing advantages over those of even 5 years ago.

Just as you can buy regular bifocals with a line across the middle of the lens or an invisible bifocal glasses, so too you can get an intra-ocular lens with near and distance corrections built in. We call these multi-focal intra-ocular lenses.

They work by creating at least two focusing zones so that we can see close up and in the distance without glasses, the same as we used to enjoy when we were younger, before presbyopia affected us. What does this mean to you? It means freedom from glasses for almost all your daily tasks. This advance of modern ophthalmology is available at the Toronto Eye Surgery Centre, because our team is devoted to providing the best available technology and options to our patients.

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